Artists-in-Residence Site:  Bridges Transition Program
13735 Round Lake Blvd. Suite 110, Andover (Con. Dist. 6)

Collaborating Teacher: Lisa Vogel
Teaching Artist: Christopher Lutter-Gardella
Art form: Theater
Project Overview
During the week students developed an understanding of puppetry and storytelling by designing and building their own puppet with Chris Lutter-Gardella, Artistic Director of Puppet Farm Arts. In addition, they learned that puppeteers use puppets to tell stories by creating their own story and dialogue with their puppets.  Students fostered their collaborative and imaginative skills by participating in creative play with their puppets including: improvisation, storytelling, and physical and vocal characterizations. The final performance was on April 20 in the multi-purpose room at Bridges Program.

Project Highlights
“Thank you - it was a great experience! Many students asked if Chris would be back next year and they were excited with what they had accomplished in the making of the puppets.” – Lisa Vogel, Teacher.

“Students retained full retention throughout--maintained the participation of even the most difficult students. The residency engaged aspects of their personalities not otherwise accessible in the day-to-day.” – Chris Lutter-Gardella, Artist.

“I recognized my son’s puppet immediately (inspired by his dog). He has had the dog since he was young and always talks about him.” – Father of participating student at final performance.

This program has been made possible in part by the Department of VSA and Accessibility at the John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts, the Minnesota State Arts Board, the Minnesota Department of Education and support funds from residency sites.

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