Artists-in-Residence Site:  Benton-Stearns Voyagers
324 3rd Ave. S., Sauk Rapids (Con. Dist. 6)

Collaborating Teacher: Patty ZimmermanTeaching Artist: Dan Mondloch, Paramount Theater and Visual Arts Center
Art form: Visual Arts

Project Overview
During the residency, students designed and painted an original mural with Dan. The theme of the mural design, “I determine my own success,” is meant to reflect that resilience. They explored elements of art: line, shape, and color, learned about depicting emotions and symbols in art while setting goals. The community was invited to see final work created on May 17.

Project Highlights
“I was nervous going into the project but the kids are great. They are really enjoying the project.” Dan Mondloch, Artist.

The students were given a jigsaw piece to paint their own symbols on and for Kattie, who dreams of becoming a tattoo artist, the project was a great experience. “I just decided to put a face in a paint splatter because you can show emotions through art,” she said. “I think it’s a really cool project because we don’t really have art classes.” – Kattie Pearcy, 12-year-old Student

“It is unfortunate that VSA funders aren’t able to witness first-hand the positive impact their contributions make for students with disabilities. We are so GRATEFUL that there are those individuals that recognize the need for programs in the arts for all children!” – Patty Zimmerman, Teacher 

This program has been made possible in part by the Department of VSA and Accessibility at the John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts, the Minnesota State Arts Board, the Minnesota Department of Education and support funds from residency sites.

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