Artist-in-Residence Site:  Minnesota State Academy for the Blind
400 SE 6th Ave, Faribault (Con. Dist. 2)

Collaborating Teacher: Nicole Zweber
Teaching Artists: Christina Cotruvo,
Art Form: Harp music

Project Overview
Students were introduced to the harp instrument, history of the harp and its musicians of medieval times and 17th, 19th centuries. They worked collaboratively with peers, staff and the artist to learn how to play and tune the harp. One group of students assembled their own harp. Students had the opportunity to individually record their own harp music and perform for the school and community on the last day of the residency. Listen to their ensemble of “Ode to Joy” and sample name songs:

Project Highlights
“Each student had a harp buddy to play and understand the harp with, which changed daily. No one had played a harp before.  All were able to do a glissando and pluck a string, many string patterns and most their own song and picking out a familiar one by the end of the residency. Nicole said that it has been so beneficial for Max (student), that it is unusual for him to be in a class not disrupting and kicking and that he asked her for his own harp time.” – Christina Cotruvo, Artist.

“One student who normally has a very difficult time with behaviors had and instant change in his demeanor and appearance on the very first day of the residency with Christina played the harp. He became very calm and relaxed and was extremely cooperative throughout the entire week. When playing with a partner he was on task and he worked really hard when creating music. He even got up during the final presentation to play something. Since the residency had has requested to have time to come during his breaks to play on the harp. It has been a great method of relaxation for him.” – Nicole Zweber, Teacher.

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