Artist-in-Residence Site:  Bridges Transition Program
13735 Round Lake Blvd. Suite 110, Andover (Con. Dist. 6)

Collaborating Teacher: Lisa Vogel
Teaching Artist: Christopher Lutter-Gardella
Art form: Puppet Theater

Project Overview
During the residency, students explored the elements that led to developing and performing an original play using puppets. They developed an understanding of Puppet Theater by designing and building their own puppet character. Students worked collaboratively with peers, staff and the artist through creative theater activities to develop their individual characters. In addition, they learned that puppeteers use puppets to tell stories by creating their own story and dialogue with their puppets.  Students fostered their collaborative and imaginative skills by participating in creative play with their puppets including: improvisation, storytelling, physical and vocal characterizations. Friends and family were invited to see the final performance on the last day of the residency.

Project Highlights
“Students built communication and cooperative skills by working in small groups to construct a small scene. Changes in participants include one of the students who is very quite became more animated while others struggled with nerves.” – Lisa Vogel, Teacher.

“They showed great enthusiasm, as the project progressed-- particularly once their puppets took-on life. Many students showed surprising progress through the course of the 10 days-- They seemed to open-up and show their hidden brilliance! One student didn't show on the day of the performance-- reportedly due to his anxiety around performing. Students were very encouraging and supportive of one another.” – Chris Lutter-Gardella, Artist.

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