Photo of a woman grinning, wearing a purple blouse and long earrings, standing in front of a doorway
Jamie Winter Dawson
We would like you to meet our Roster Teaching Artist Jamie Winter Dawson, professional artist, art instructor, and passionate arts advocate in the Twin Cities. For over fourteen years, she has coordinated, taught, and led arts programs and classes for children and adults with special needs in a variety of venues including educational settings, advocacy programs, and nonprofit organizations. She specializes in connecting resources with communities and artists to bring a rich, engaging, and sustainable arts experience to everyone involved.

Jamie will be working with school staff, Ms. Super, Ms. Leslie, Ms. Anderson, at Oneka Elementary, to cultivate a collaborative culture and support the learning of each student. This will be her second year participating in VSA Minnesota and Perpich Center for Arts Educaion’s Arts Bridge project. This residency will be designed to develop and foster social and behavioral skills in students and provide a deeper engagement with the curriculum through exposure to the visual arts. Follow along with our blog to see these students get a chance to express themselves through different media!

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