Artist-in-Residence Site:   Castle Elementary School
6675 50th St N, Oakdale (Con. Dist. 4)

Collaborating Teacher: Susan Rensted
Teaching Artists: Lindsay McCaw; Xena Huff and Olie Johnson, Assistants
Art Form: Mural Painting

Project Overview
Students learned about the process and techniques to create a painted mural. These activities addressed building community, what it means to stand up to bully and how to stand up for each other, taking turns, following directions, and sequencing; and increased their artistic skills with design, transfer, color, and pattern. Students had a final unvieling of the installed mural for the school and community on the last day of the residency.

Project Highlights
“Many of the activities seemed to bring out some inner creativity and joy from students.  We were able to repeat some of the activities that brought forth some of these inner performers and creators and that was satisfying.  The cooperating teachers were excellent to work with.  The project was simple and undemanding enough that we could have some fun with it.  We were able to vary the activities to find ways to engage everyone, but it was a challenge.  The class sizes were large and sometimes unpredictable. .”  -- Lindsay McCaw, Artist.

“Students were able to discuss warm and cool colors, develop several tiles of art and share their process and end result as a group and present to the school.” – Susan Rensted, Teacher.

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