Artist-in-Residence Site: Edgewood Education Center
 6601 Xylon Ave N, Brooklyn Park (Con. Dist. 3)

Collaborating Teacher: Brian Burns
Teaching Artist: Jamie Winter Dawson; Jamie Vu, Assistant
Art Form: Visual Arts

Project Overview
Students learned about what it looks like to be an artist within the Twin Cities. They visited two vocational artists working in their studios. Back in the classroom, students created multiple artworks using artist’s media. They learned the elements of displaying their artwork in an exhibit that is open to the community including three main components of an artist statement and a brief documentary of the residency. Each student completed a final portfolio containing artist statement and 3-5 original works of art. Students planned and organized an exhibition to display their artwork and documentary inviting the arts community, staff, peers and families to opening reception. View photos and video: 

Project Highlights
“By doing an artist statement [students] got a good idea of what type of art they like to create.  It was a really good self-reflective lesson” – Brian Burns, Teacher.

“Reflecting upon my time with the staff and students at Edgewood Education Center, I am so inspired by the creativity and individual strengths that each student brought to the ‘Telling Our Stories’ project and by the dedication and care that staff and teachers provided. I feel the project was a huge success and am so grateful to VSA Minnesota for providing the support and resources make the project possible.” – Jamie Winter Dawson, Artist.

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