Artist-in-Residence Site:  Willmar High School
611 5th St SW, Willmar (Con. Dist. 7)

Collaborating Teacher: Chad Owens
Teaching Artists: Nikki Bettcher Erickson; Kelsey Moe, Assistant
Art Form: Film

Project Overview
Students learned how to create a documentary video that addressed these three questions: Where have I been? What can I do? Where am I going? Students had the opportunity to present their film for the school and community on the last day of the residency.

Project Highlights
“It seemed that students started out thinking that this would be a very easy process and learned that a lot goes into making a film. They took the acting portion seriously once they got used to it – and became more relaxed with time – they seemed to be more of a team by the time that the project was over and seemed to be able to express their wants and needs in a clear way – overall I enjoyed seeing how communication between the film crew improved. A few students that were more stand-offish at the beginning seemed to open up towards the end. It seemed to build confidence in some of the students involved.” – Nikki Bettcher Erickson, Artist

“Students gained a better understanding of issues that people in our community may have to tackle such as a language barrier, or the education needed for some jobs. Students needed to encourage each other and work together to create a single project. Several of the students had to look into their lives and share personal thoughts with people they don’t know.” – Chad Owens, Teacher

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