Artist-in-Residence Site:  Lester Park Elementary
7600 Boone Ave. N., Suite 72, Duluth (Con. Dist. 8)

Collaborating Teacher:  Leigh Ann Viche
Teaching Artist: Stacey Dimberio
Art form: Dance

Project Overview
Students learned different dance genres, interpretive, tap to hip-hop.  Key goals were movement and sensory awareness that include following directions, spatial awareness, kinesthetic awareness, and impulse control development. Students had the opportunity to perform for the school and community at Stacy’s dance studio on the last day of the residency.

Project Highlights
“Students ran in to class with excitement. They practiced at home. They gained knowledge of real technical dance. Very rewarding to teach this appreciate group. ”– Stacey Dimberio, Artist.

The show was wonderful! We had a great audience of parents, grandparents, friends and school staff -a full house! The students showed off what they had learned and the audience was impressed!” – Leigh Ann, Teacher.

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