Artist-in-Residence Site:  Minnesota Valley Education District
801 Davis Street, St. Peter (Con. Dist. 1)

Collaborating Teacher: Kelsey Hutchins, Work Site Coordinator
Teaching Artists: Juana Arias, Arts Center of Saint Peter; Cyle Gruver, Assistant
Art Form: Visual Art                                                

Project Overview
Students learned about being a commissioned artist, public art, the process and techniques to create and install a tile mural in a public space. They worked with the artist to communicate their ideas, develop technical skills relating to working with clay, the ceramic glazing and firing processes, and installation of ceramic tiles using mortar and grout. Students had an unveilling reception for the school and community upon installed of the final piece created.

Project Highlights
“All students became well acclimated to using the tools to create the tiles. Many of the students increased their attention span and focus to complete their tiles. I observed a change in the students who regularly participated (attending a majority of the classes). They were able to focus themselves more quickly, and were more patient when learning a difficult task. I observed that the students were more respectful to one another and their staff when they were focused on their work.”  -- Juana Arias, Artist.

“Some students worked well and others needed guidance.  Everyone participated in planning (artistic expression), some will stay on past the residency to help install the clay tiles from our project. Some students did very well interacting with others and completing the project while others struggled with an outside of school setting and challenging project.” – Kelsey Hutchins, Teacher.

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