Artist-in-Residence Site:  Hoffman Learning Center / Arts Center of Saint Peter
2001 Sheppard Drive, PO Box 89, St. Peter (Con. Dist. 1)

Collaborating Teachers: Joann Smith, Lyn Vavreck and Deb Wenner
Teaching Artist: Grant Hanson, Art Center of Saint Peter
Art Form: Visual Arts

Project Overview
Students explored a range of visual art mediums from pencil/pen drawing, tempera abstract painting, to pinch method clay portraits and coil method clay vessels with watercolor paint with teaching artist Grant. They viewed the artwork of both historical and contemporary masters reflecting each lesson’s objectives. Final artwork was on display May 17-June 16 with an opening reception on May 17, 6-8p.m. at the Arts Center of Saint Peter where the students were able to share their artwork with the community.
Project Highlights
“Students began reserved and became more creative.  They gained confidence and encouraged each other. They took great pride in projects.”  -- Lyn Vavreck, Teacher.

“Artistically, some students were specifically challenged due to inexperience with the medium or techniques.  Throughout the course of each lesson, each and every student produced artwork that successfully completed the objectives. By the end of the residency, many students expressed their displeasure with the residency being over!”  -- Grant Hanson, Artists.

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