Artist-in-Residence Site:  North Park Elementary
5575 Fillmore St NE, Fridley (Con. Dist. 5)

Collaborating Teacher: Scott Larson
Teaching Artist: Gustavo Boada
Art form: Mask-making, Puppetry

Project Overview
Students will develop an understanding of puppetry and mask-making by designing and creating their own masks inspired by animals of Africa. They will learn about visual art elements of design (shape, form, line, texture, and color) through the process of papier-mâché. For more pictures:

Project Highlights
“End product was amazing. Students were very enthusiastic about projected and were excited to show project others. Students were very helpful to each other.” – Scott Larson, Teacher.

“The most successful part of this residency has been the participation and communication among students due to the fact that the process (tearing the paper into pieces and put glue paste on paper) creates a psychomotor routine that allows the distension and the class becomes a atmosphere of confidence. In the first class, had two groups with different ages, levels of interest and demand, although the interaction between the two groups is indirect, however resulted in a decrease in the average attention time.” – Gustavo Boada, Artist.

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